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About Newcastle International SuperMoto


The 2017 Newcastle International SuperMoto is a motorcycle race which will be run on a road and dirt course at Newcastle Showground.

The 2017 event is  the FIM Oceania SuperMoto Championships, with not only a host of the top domestic riders, but also a host of international champions.  The event also incorporates the Newcastle International SuperMoto and the inaugural World Vets SuperMoto Challenge.

Last year we had two World Champions attend the event, 3 times Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss and former World SuperMoto Champion Boris Chambon from France. This year both will ride the event again, along with several other World Champions, and many National and International Champions.

In addition to the event being broadcast on SBS Speedweek, FoxSports Australia and Asia, MAV-TV in North and South America, and on MotorsTV in Europe the UK, the Middle East and South East Asia, this year’s event will be live streamed to an even broader global audience.

This event will showcase Newcastle through a packed daytime program, and will continue into the Saturday night, with Vintage, Classic and Custom motorcycle displays in the civic precinct at Wheeler Place.

Last year’s event, the 2016 FIM Asia SUPERMOTO Championships, attracted over 20,000 spectators on the Saturday and 30,000 on the Sunday – a testament to the popularity of motorcycles and motorcycle racing in the Hunter Valley.

What is SuperMoto?

SuperMoto or Supermotard is motorcycle racing on a circuit that alternates between three types of track: flat track, motocross and road racing, using motorcycles designed for that purpose. SuperMoto was originally conceived as something like an all-star game, in which the best riders from the three separate genres of motorcycle racing could temporarily leave their normal race class to come together and compete for the title of best all around racer. Today SuperMoto is a distinct genre of its own that still tests the best riders of all classes, from flat track and road racers, to enduro and motocross riders, as well has encouraging specialist SuperMoto riders.


Races are commonly held on road racing or medium-sized go-kart tracks with an off-road section in the infield. Most SuperMoto race tracks have a tarmac size of 50-75% and the remaining percentage of the course is off-road. The dirt sections are usually constructed of packed clay and feature motocross style obstacles like bermed corners and jumps. This type of racing is also very portable in that an entire track can be constructed anywhere there is a large area of open asphalt and an availability of dirt. SuperMoto races have also been successfully held in busy urban centres using closed city streets for the road course and a vacant lot for the dirt sections.

The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combinations of off-road motorcycles and road-racing wheels/tires, known as ‘supermotard’ bikes. Riders also wear a combination of road race and off-road equipment, normally road racing leathers and motocross helmets and boots. The name of the games is light, nimble and responsive. Acceleration and hard braking make it exciting to watch, especially when riders push the limits on short, technical tracks. Here, where flat-out acceleration and extreme high top-speeds are less common, rider skill can more easily overcome a disparity in machine performance, and this is what makes it such a great test of rider skill.