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Event Program

Program for Newcastle City SuperMoto

Saturday 2nd September Sunday 4th September 
9.00amGates open9.00amGates open
10.00amPractice10.00amPractice & Warm Up
12.00pmRiders' Introduction & Parade Lap11.05amRiders' Introduction & Parade Lap
12.30pmNewcastle Open Qualifying Race11.30amRace 5 Newcastle Open
12.50pmNewcastle Pro Qualifying Race11.45amRace 6 Newcastle Pro
1.10pmWorld Veterans Qualifying Race12.00pmRace 7 Postie Bike Challenge
1.30pmFIM Oceania SuperMoto Qualifying Race12.10pmRace 8 World Veterans
1.55pmBreak and Stunt Show12.25pmRace 9 FIM Oceania SuperMoto Championship
2.00pmFeature Race 1 Race of Champions 12.45pmBreak & Stunt Show
2.10pmRace 1 Newcastle Open 1.15pmFeature Race 2
Race of Champions
2.30pmRace 2 FIM SuperMoto Championship 1.20pmRace 10 Newcastle Open
2.50pmRace 3 World Veterans 1.35pmRace 11 Newcastle Pro
3.00pmRace 4 Newcastle Pro 1.55pmRace 12 Postie Bike Challenge
4.00pm - 8.00pmNewcastle Now Motorcycle Showcase (Wheeler Place in Newcastle Civic Precinct)2.05pmRace 13 World Veterans Challenge
2.20pmRace 14 FIM Oceania SuperMoto Championship
3.00pmPresentation Ceremony
This is the schedule of events for the weekend (it is subject to change and will be updated closer to race day)